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Support for democracy in Africa falls amid military coups and corruption

Africans still have stronger preference for democratic governance than many other parts of the world

Support for democracy is falling in Africa amid a string of military coups and dissatisfaction with corruption and mismanagement, according to a report by Afrobarometer. However, Africans still have a stronger preference for democratic governance than many parts of the world.

Two-thirds of people in 30 African countries prefer democracy, surveys conducted in 2021 or 2023 found, down seven percentage points from a decade earlier.

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Rwanda's Paul Kagame cruises to crushing election victory

President wins 99.15% of the vote, allowing him to extend authoritarian rule by further five years

Rwanda’s president, Paul Kagame, has swept to another overwhelming election victory, winning more than 99% of votes in a provisional count in the east African country’s elections that will extend his near quarter of a century in power.

The poll on Monday was seen as a formality, with just two other candidates allowed to compete in a country that is kept under tight control by its longtime leader.

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Kidnappings soar in central Africa’s ‘triangle of death’

Where Chad, Cameroon and the Central African Republic meet, people are turning vigilante to fight back

Tired of waiting for the authorities to come to their aid, young men in the Mayo-Kebbi Ouest region of south-west Chad are banding into vigilante groups, using bows, arrows and spears to fight gunmen who have turned kidnapping into a professional pastime.

“We guide the gendarmes in the bush, but we are also the first to go after the criminals after a kidnapping,” said Amos Nangyo, head of one of the units in Pala, capital of the region, which borders Cameroon, told Agence France-Presse earlier this month.

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MPs in the Gambia vote to uphold ban on female genital mutilation

Campaigners applaud decision not to repeal law in west African country with one of the highest rates of FGM

MPs in the Gambia voted on Monday to retain a law outlawing female genital mutilation (FGM), sparking joy and relief among campaigners.

Thirty-four out of 53 lawmakers voted to maintain the ban, which was introduced in 2015, aid workers told the Guardian. The remainder voted to repeal it.

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Paul Kagame expected to be re-elected president as Rwanda goes to polls

Incumbent since 2000 is seeking fourth term after winning more than 90% of votes in last three ballots

People in Rwanda have gone to the polls for elections in which Paul Kagame is widely expected to extend his rule of the central African country.

This is the fourth presidential ballot since more than 800,000 people, mostly members of the Tutsi ethnic minority, were killed in a genocide in the country 30 years ago.

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Kenyan police say suspected serial killer has confessed to murdering 42 women

Suspect was ‘in the process of luring another victim’ when he was arrested in Nairobi, police say

Kenyan police say they have arrested a suspected serial killer who has confessed to murdering 42 women including his wife and dumping their dismembered bodies in a Nairobi rubbish tip.

Since Friday, nine butchered bodies trussed up in plastic bags have been pulled from the dump site in the Mukuru slum area in the south of the capital.

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Venezuela: fears of unfair election grow as opposition security chief arrested

Head of security for María Corina Machado detained weeks before election in string of arrests of opposition staffers

Less than two weeks before Venezuela’s presidential election, the head of security for a key opposition figure has been arrested, further raising concerns that the country will not see a fair contest on 28 July, when Nicolás Maduro will seek a third term.

María Corina Machado, the opposition’s outspoken figurehead, wrote on X that her security chief, Milciades Ávila, had been detained early on Wednesday, the latest in string of arrests of opposition activists and staffers.

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Crisis at Tres Fronteras: how criminal syndicates threaten Amazon’s future

At the lawless triple border between Brazil, Colombia and Peru, drug trafficking, illegal logging and gangs jeopardise the ecological and social fabric of the rainforest

The area of the Amazon where Brazil, Colombia, and Peru meet – referred to as Tres Fronteras (triple frontier) – brims with wildlife and natural resources. It is also a hotbed of illicit activity. Criminal groups are clearing the forest to plant coca and erect laboratories to turn the crop into cocaine. In the process of making coca paste, these labs discharge chemical waste – including acetone, gasoline and sulphuric acid – into rivers and soil.

Increasingly, these outfits are branching into illegal logging, gold dredging and fishing, in part because these activities allow them to launder money made from drug trafficking. These activities compound the environmental harm the groups are inflicting.

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Drake’s Toronto mansion seriously flooded amid record-breaking storms

Rapper films muddy water pouring through 50,000 sq ft home, quipping ‘this better be espresso martini’

The Toronto mansion of rap superstar Drake has been seriously flooded following record-breaking storms in the city.

He shared footage on Instagram of ankle-deep muddy water rushing into an area of his home, with the caption “this better be espresso martini”.

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Uncontacted tribe seen in Peruvian Amazon where loggers are active

Mashco Piro sighted coming out of rainforest more frequently, apparently moving away from loggers

Rare images of the Mashco Piro, an uncontacted Indigenous tribe in the remote Peruvian Amazon, have been released by Survival International, showing dozens of the people on the banks of a river close to where logging companies have concessions.

The reclusive tribe has been sighted coming out of the rainforest more frequently in recent weeks in search of food, apparently moving away from the growing presence of loggers, said the local Indigenous rights group Fenamad.

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Thousands of children swept up in El Salvador mass arrests, rights body says

Human Rights Watch says ill-treatment of some minors arbitrarily held in gang crackdown amounts to torture

About 3,000 children – including some as young as 12 – have been swept up in El Salvador’s mass detentions since President Nayib Bukele began his crackdown on gangs two years ago, according to a new report from Human Rights Watch (HRW).

The report, which draws on case files and almost 100 interviews with victims, police and officials, documents the arbitrary detention of children and ill-treatment that in some cases amounted to torture.

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Maduro rival promises ‘government for all’ if he wins Venezuela election

Edmundo González Urrutia, who has never before run for office, hopes for a more ‘democratic and peaceful country’

The soft-spoken septuagenarian who could be on the brink of leading Venezuela into a new political era has promised to build a country of prosperity, democracy and peace if he is elected president, and vowed to govern for all citizens – including supporters of his authoritarian rival Nicolás Maduro.

Retired diplomat Edmundo González Urrutia is leading the polls ahead of the South American country’s 28 July presidential election, despite never having sought elected office and, until recently, being unknown to voters.

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Wall Street Journal fires new chair of Hong Kong Journalists Association

Selina Cheng says she believes her termination is linked to her taking up the position at the embattled union

The chair of the Hong Kong Journalists Association has been fired by her employer, the Wall Street Journal, weeks after being appointed as the head of the embattled union.

Selina Cheng said she was “appalled” that her first press conference as HKJA chair was to announce that she had been “fired for taking up this position in a press union”.

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Cyanide found in teacups shared by six found dead in Bangkok hotel

Victims at Grand Hyatt Erawan drank poison-laced beverage in murder-suicide plot, Thai police believe

Police investigating the deaths by poisoning of six people found in the room of a luxury hotel in central Bangkok believe one member of the group took their own life and murdered the rest by lacing cups of tea with cyanide.

Tests detected the deadly chemical that interferes with the body’s ability to use oxygen in a tea flask and six cups, with the signs of its poisoning revealed in autopsies of the six bodies . Based on interviews with a relative, police believe the deaths could be related to a business dispute.

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South Korean airport authorities crack down on Trader Joe’s bagel seasoning

Travellers say the popular seasoning mix by the US brand has been the subject of increased confiscation by authorities, because it contains poppy seeds

A popular US food seasoning mix created for “yummifying the tops of bagels” is the subject of an intensifying crackdown in South Korea, where poppy seeds – one of its key ingredients – are banned.

Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel seasoning blend – a crunchy mix of sesame seeds, salt, dried garlic, dried onion and poppy seeds – has been on South Korea’s list of restricted foods since 2022, but travellers say it has been the subject of increased confiscation in airports in recent weeks.

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Suspect in deaths of Australians at Philippines resort is former pool cleaner allegedly sacked by hotel

The bodies of Sydney man David Fisk, his partner Lucita Cortez and a relative of Cortez were found tied up in a hotel resort south of Manila

The suspect in the killings of two Australians and their Filipina companion at a hotel in a popular resort city south of Manila was a former pool cleaner who allegedly wanted to retaliate against the hotel for firing him.

The suspect claimed that he randomly barged into the victims’ room last week because its window was open, Philippine officials said on Wednesday.

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Chinese business tycoon convicted of defrauding followers in $1bn scheme

Guo Wengui, who gained fans for criticizing Communist party in China, found guilty in US of nine criminal counts

Guo Wengui, a self-exiled Chinese business tycoon whose criticism of the Communist party won him legions of online followers and powerful friends in the American conservative movement, was convicted by a US jury on Tuesday of engaging in an enormous multi-year fraud that ripped off some of his most devoted fans.

Once believed to be among the richest people in China, Guo was arrested in New York in March 2023 and accused of operating a racketeering enterprise that stretched from 2018 through 2023.

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Six people found dead in Bangkok luxury hotel in suspected poisoning

Bodies of three men and three women, two of whom were US citizens, discovered in locked suite at Grand Hyatt Erawan

Six people have been found dead at a luxury hotel in central Bangkok, in what authorities say could be a case of poisoning.

The bodies of three women and three men were found inside a hotel suite on the fifth floor of the Grand Hyatt Erawan hotel by a hotel worker late on Tuesday afternoon.

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Australia news live: Labor national executive to meet as pressure grows to reject donations from CFMEU

The union’s construction division has been under fire over reports of alleged corrupt conduct and organised crime links. Follow the day’s news live

Drone delivery service launches in Melbourne

A drone delivery service will launch in Melbourne today.

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Blood thinner could be used to treat cobra venom, global study suggests

Snakebites, the ‘deadliest of neglected tropical diseases’, often impact rural communities the most but a new study offers hope

A commonly used blood thinner can be used as an antidote to cobra venom, an international study has found, research that a Queensland expert has called “really exciting”.

In the study, published in the Journal of Science Translational Medicine on Thursday, Prof Nicholas Casewell described snakebites as the “deadliest of neglected tropical diseases, with its burden landing overwhelmingly on rural communities in low and middle income countries”.

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Blood, sweat and cheers: how the Blues won this State of Origin battle for the ages | Jack Snape

Game 3 had it all and being only the third NSW team to win a Brisbane decider ‘feels pretty cool’

The blood ran down the inside of the mouth of the man known as Big Neck, made obvious when he screamed in celebration. The closeup, flashed on to the stadium’s screen, showed his lip with a gash not in but through it. It was obscene, an image that might deserve a viewer warning in another program; but here, as the culmination of one of the great State of Origin contests, perfect.

Bradman Best’s breakthrough helped his Blues side to secure a 14-4 victory, just their third win in a decider at Lang Park. Alongside Laurie Daley, Ricky Stuart and Andrew Johns, the young Besser Block and his New South Wales teammates now share a page in history.

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WA Labor multicultural group in revolt over treatment of Fatima Payman

Exclusive: Two officeholders quit, with one claiming the party has ‘become a spineless jellyfish’

Labor’s multicultural branch in Western Australia is in upheaval, with two officeholders quitting the party in protest at the treatment of Fatima Payman.

Guardian Australia can reveal that the branch’s treasurer and vice-president have resigned, with one claiming the party had “become a spineless jellyfish” that “throws its own under the bus at the drop of a hat”.

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Let there be night: digital billboards to be turned off to curb light pollution under Melbourne city proposal

Illuminated signs have increased nocturnal artificial light and are detrimental to the city’s liveability and sustainability, a review has found

Large digital billboards could be turned off late at night under a proposal by Melbourne city council to crack down on light pollution and reduce its health and environmental impacts.

A review, commissioned by the council, recommended the introduction of a curfew for illuminated signs above ground level.

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‘Unscrupulous’ businesses abused Centrepay to take welfare money from dead Australians, advocacy groups claim

Advocates also detail flaws in automated debit system that prevented clients stopping their deductions

The government’s Centrepay debit system has been abused by “unscrupulous” businesses to take welfare money from dead Australians and Indigenous women fleeing domestic violence, advocacy groups claim.

The government last month announced a major review of Centrepay, an automated debit system designed to give businesses early access to a person’s welfare money to ensure they can afford essential services such as rent and healthcare.

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Starmer to focus on border security and immigration at summit of European leaders

Prime minister says he will renew relationship with Europe as he seeks defence and security agreements

Keir Starmer will put immigration and border security at the centre of his first summit with European leaders, as he races to agree changes to the asylum system to replace the defunct Rwanda scheme.

The prime minister will host 45 European leaders at Blenheim Palace for the European Political Community meeting on Thursday, the first opportunity for him to begin lobbying for new arrangements for dealing with asylum seekers trying to cross the Channel.

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Starmer vows to repeal Troubles legacy act in first meeting with Irish PM

PM and taoisech Simon Harris seek reset in UK-Irish relations on eve of UK-hosted European Political Community summit

Keir Starmer has pledged to repeal the controversial Legacy Act, which offered immunity to Troubles-era crimes in Northern Ireland, and discussed replacement legislation with the Irish prime minister during a wide-ranging discussion over dinner at Chequers on Wednesday night.

In December the Irish government began a legal challenge against the UK government over the act, introduced by the Conservatives, which was opposed by all five main parties in Northern Ireland, action that is now likely to be abandoned.

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Asylum seekers in Dublin reportedly attacked by people with knives

Fifteen people forced to flee hours after erecting makeshift camp as tents reportedly slashed and thrown in river

People with knives and pipes have reportedly attacked 15 asylum seekers sheltering in tents in central Dublin, forcing them to flee.

The attack happened at about 11.30pm on Tuesday night, three hours after asylum seekers from Somalia and Palestine had erected a makeshift camp on City Quay in the Irish capital, local media reported on Wednesday.

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Orbán’s ‘peace mission’ helps only Putin, says Czech prime minister

Petr Fiala says Hungarian PM’s trip to Moscow recalls appeasement of Hitler and is not in Europe’s interests

Viktor Orbán’s efforts to style himself as a high-level peacemaker by meeting world leaders including Vladimir Putin are “wrong” and “not in the interest of Europe”, the Czech prime minister, Petr Fiala, has said, recalling lessons from attempts to appease Adolf Hitler before the second world war.

The Hungarian prime minister has stoked controversy in recent weeks for embarking on what he has termed a “peace mission” while his country holds the Council of the EU’s rotating presidency. The international trips have involved meetings with Putin, China’s Xi Jinping and Donald Trump.

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Adele announces ‘big break’ from music

Speaking to German media ahead of Munich concert residency, singer says she ‘wants to do other creative things’ and has no plans for new material

Adele has announced she intends to go on hiatus from music after a forthcoming concert residency in Munich.

The British singer told German broadcaster ZDF: “My tank is quite empty from being on stage every weekend in Las Vegas. I don’t have any plans for new music, at all.

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Paris mayor swims in Seine as river is cleaned up just in time for Olympics

Anne Hidalgo fulfils pledge after cleanup operation makes water quality safe enough to host events at Games

It has been the dream and promise of Paris mayors for decades and a nightmare for Olympic organisers: could the Seine be cleaned up enough to swim in and hold triathlon and other events?

For the last 100 years and up until a few days ago, the answer seemed to be no.

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Syrian official who ran prison where detainees alleged torture arrested in US

Samir Ousman al-Sheikh, 72, who oversaw notorious Adra prison, detained at LAX on immigration fraud charges

A former Syrian military official who oversaw a prison where human rights officials say torture and abuse routinely took place has been arrested in Los Angeles, court documents show.

Samir Ousman al-Sheikh, 72, was taken into custody last week at Los Angeles international airport on immigration fraud charges, specifically that he denied on his US visa and citizenship applications that he had ever persecuted anyone in Syria, according to a criminal complaint filed on 9 July. Investigators are considering additional charges, the complaint shows.

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Netanyahu rejects calls for immediate inquiry into 7 October security failures

PM tells parliament he wants to ‘beat Hamas’ before investigation into deadliest attack in Israel’s history

The Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has rejected calls for an immediate independent inquiry into the security failures that allowed the deadliest attack in his country’s history.

Speaking to Israel’s parliament, Netanyahu told lawmakers: “First, I want to beat Hamas.”

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Dozens killed in Israeli airstrikes across Gaza Strip

Targets include ‘humanitarian zone’ and school harbouring displaced people, where IDF says there were Hamas fighters

At least 60 people have been killed in Israeli airstrikes across the Gaza Strip, health officials have said, including in an attack on a school sheltering displaced people and another on an Israeli-designated “humanitarian zone”, as ceasefire talks in the nearly 10-month-old conflict appeared to stall again.

The Red Crescent said on Tuesday that 17 people were killed in a bombing near a petrol station in Mawasi, an area on the Mediterranean shoreline packed with hundreds of thousands of displaced people that Israel had previously declared an evacuation zone. Another 16 were killed in a strike that targeted the UN-run al-Awda school in central Gaza’s Nuseirat refugee camp, medics at a nearby hospital said.

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US and Israel allowed tax-deductible donations to groups blocking Gaza aid

Three groups that have prevented humanitarian supplies reaching the Palestinian territory have raised over $200,000

Under American pressure, Israel has pledged to deliver large quantities of humanitarian aid into the war-ravaged Gaza Strip. But at the same time, the US and Israel have allowed tax-deductible donations to far-right groups that have blocked that aid from being delivered.

Three groups that have prevented humanitarian aid from reaching Gaza – including one accused of looting or destroying supplies – have raised more than $200,000 from donors in the US and Israel, the Associated Press and the Israeli investigative site Shomrim have found in an examination of crowdfunding websites and other public records.

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Israel-Gaza war: US warns of ‘serious concern’ about recent civilian casualties in Gaza – as it happened

The US secretary of state reportedly told senior Israeli leaders they must do more to reduce civilian casualties

At least eight Palestinians were killed and several were wounded in an Israeli air strike on a school in central Gaza on Tuesday, Gaza health officials said.

The strike hit Al-Awda school in Al-Nuseirat camp, the ministry said.

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Iranian TV presenter stabbed in London moves abroad for safety

Exclusive: Pouria Zeraati ‘no longer felt safe in UK’ as Tehran regime steps up threats and attacks on critics in exile

An Iranian television presenter, who was attacked in London by men believed to be acting for the Tehran regime, has moved abroad, saying that he no longer felt safe in the UK.

Pouria Zeraati said the UK’s approach to the threat posed by Iran on British soil could not guarantee his safety.

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Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi’s unlawful marriage convictions overturned by Pakistan court

Supporters of former Pakistan PM, who is serving seven years in prison, hope acquittal paves way for release

A court in Pakistan has acquitted the former prime minister Imran Khan and his wife on charges of unlawful marriage, just a day after his party won the majority of reserved seats in the supreme court.

Syed Zulfi Bukhari, an adviser to Imran Khan on international affairs and media, said: “The court has not only thrown out the case but the judge has ordered for the immediate release of Imran Khan and his wife.”

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UK should restore diplomatic presence to help Afghan women, says aid chief

Hugh Bayley says NGOs would also benefit as he releases report on impact of UK programme in Afghanistan

The UK should consider restoring its diplomatic presence in Afghanistan to support Afghan women and to help monitor the impact of British aid, a commissioner for the official UK aid watchdog has suggested.

Hugh Bayley, who visited Kabul in May, said he believed Afghan women and NGOs would welcome more western diplomats to represent the opinions of women to the Taliban as he released a report by the Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI) on the effectiveness of the UK programme, which is the second largest operated by Britain.

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Record number of journalists killed in Pakistan already this year

Seventh and most recent victim was ambushed while driving, as most cases thought likely to be work-related

Seven reporters have been killed in Pakistan in the first six months of 2024, a record annual number with half a year still to go.

The most recent victim was Khalil Jibran, a former president of a local press club in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, which borders Afghanistan. He died in June when the car he was driving was ambushed by two men who dragged him out and shot him multiple times.

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Modi and Putin cement ‘bonds of friendship’ despite Ukraine tensions

Indian prime minister travelled to Moscow for two-day summit and ‘chit-chat’ amid diplomatic complexities

As India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, landed in Moscow on Monday, it was straight into the warm embrace of Vladimir Putin. Modi said the visit – his first since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine – was to cement the “bonds of friendship” between the two countries, and later effusively described Russia as India’s “all-weather friend and trusted ally”.

The India-Russia relationship runs deep, dating back to the cold war, and Russia has long been the largest supplier of arms to India. Since he was elected in 2014, Modi has built up a much-publicised rapport with Putin, the two leaders having had more than 20 meetings.

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Pakistani breast milk bank closes after Islamic clerics withdraw approval

Doctors deplore decision and point to country’s high neonatal mortality rate as bank, which opened in June, forced to close without taking a single deposit

When he heard a hospital in Karachi was setting up a milk bank for babies, the news was a “huge relief” to Mohammad Munawwar.

With his wife very sick and their premature son Ayan in hospital, the 52-year-old father had had to collect milk five or six times a day from different female relatives who were breastfeeding their own babies.

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Bangladesh floods leave at least eight dead amid fears situation could worsen

Government opens hundreds of shelters for displaced people as heavy rains cause rivers to burst their banks

The death toll from floods in Bangladesh this week has risen to eight, leaving more than two million affected after heavy rains caused major rivers to burst their banks, officials have confirmed.

The south Asian country of 170 million people, crisscrossed by hundreds of rivers, has experienced more frequent floods in recent decades.

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Four-year-old rescued from Blackpool blaze by neighbour with bat

Boy and younger brother, whose parents died in the house fire, remain in hospital

A woman has revealed how her partner saved a four-year-old boy from a house fire in Blackpool that killed the child’s parents.

The mother and father of the boy died in the fire in the early hours of Wednesday and their two children remain in hospital. The youngest child, a boy, is in a “very poorly condition”, police said.

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Starmer pledges to ‘fix the foundations’ of the country in Labour’s king’s speech

New PM promises ‘patient work and serious solutions’ to restore trust in British politics

Keir Starmer has pledged to “fix the foundations” of the country for the long-term by boosting economic growth with reforms to energy and planning in Labour’s first king’s speech in a decade and a half.

The new prime minister said the government would require “patient work and serious solutions” to restore trust in British politics and rebuild the country, with 40 bills in the government’s new legislative programme.

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The king’s speech: can Labour keep the optimism going? – podcast

There were more than 35 bills in Labour’s first king’s speech. So what does it tell us about the party’s ambitions? And with world events turning darker, can the euphoria around the Labour party last? The Guardian’s John Harris is joined by political editor Pippa Crerar and political correspondent Kiran Stacey

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‘It’s put so many families in poverty’: people on the impact of the two-child benefit cap

As Labour backbenchers call for Keir Starmer to scrap the cap, families reveal their struggles as a result of the two-child limit

Keir Starmer has launched a cross-government taskforce to tackle child poverty, but backbench Labour MPs are calling for the government to go further and scrap the two-child benefit cap. Here people reveal how the limit affects their families.

Alicia* is a mother of four children in Newcastle, and is separated from their father. She does everything she can to avoid going to collect a parcel from a food bank. She will often buy a big sack of potatoes and cook them in different ways throughout the week – jacket potatoes, fried chips, wedges – so her kids get variation. She often skips breakfast and lunch herself.

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Cosmetic surgery group Skin collapses putting hundreds of jobs at risk

Birmingham-based company replaces website with message saying trading has ended

Skin, one of the UK’s largest plastic surgery providers with more than 70 branches, has collapsed, putting hundreds of jobs at risk.

As of 5pm on Tuesday, Skin’s website had been replaced by a message saying the company had “undertaken an extensive process to secure investment to enable it to continue trading but sadly we’ve been unsuccessful”.

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Keir Starmer aims to avoid backbench rebellion with child poverty taskforce

PM’s speech failed to specify measures to tackle issue, angering MPs calling to scrap the two-child benefit cap

Keir Starmer sought to ward off the first rebellion of his premiership with the launch of a new cross-government taskforce to tackle child poverty, as backbench Labour MPs were preparing to support calls for the controversial two-child benefit cap to be scrapped.

Starmer’s first king’s speech contained no specific measures to address child poverty, angering dozens of MPs on his own benches, given many of them have constituents suffering as a result of the policy introduced by the former Conservative chancellor George Osborne.

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Joe Biden cancels campaign speech after testing positive for Covid – live

White House confirms president has mild symptoms and is being treated with Paxlovid; Biden was due to speak at UnidosUS conference in Las Vegas

Today’s theme at the Republican national convention will be “Make America Strong Once Again,” and many of the speeches are expected to focus on foreign policy.

“Each one of these has a theme, like last night was ‘bend the knee and grovel’ apparently,” Tim Walz, the governor of Minnesota, said at a Democratic press conference in Milwaukee. “And today is ‘celebrate Russia day,’ I guess.”

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Joe Biden tests positive for Covid and cancels campaign event, White House says

President, who is experiencing mild symptoms, was set to address UnidosUS annual conference in Las Vegas on Wednesday

Joe Biden has caught Covid-19 and cancelled a speaking engagement at the last minute, before he was due to address a conference in Las Vegas on Wednesday afternoon, the White House has confirmed.

The US president had developed symptoms and just before he was going to address the UnidosUS annual conference in Nevada, the organization’s president and CEO, Janet Murguía, said he would not be taking the podium.

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Bob Menendez set to resign from Senate after bribery conviction – report

NBC News reports New Jersey Democrat, 70, found guilty of 16 federal charges, has told allies he will quit

The Democratic US senator Bob Menendez has reportedly told allies he will resign from Congress after being convicted on corruption charges.

Menendez has represented New Jersey in Congress for more than 30 years, as a representative in the House from 1993 to 2006 and since then in the Senate.

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Democratic rift over Biden candidacy deepens even as party says he will be nominee

Prominent Democratic members including Adam Schiff and David Axelrod call for president to leave race

Pressure for Joe Biden to step aside as the Democrats’ presidential pick to face Donald Trump had eased since the Republican survived an assassination attempt last weekend, but began to rise again on Wednesday.

The influential California congressman, Adam Schiff, said publicly that Biden should quit, becoming the most well-known representative so far to do so openly.

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‘They’ll do good work’: in JD Vance’s hometown, Trump is already the winner

Residents of Middletown, Ohio, say they have faith 39-year-old will be a success if he wins election with Trump

For many in Middletown, Ohio, JD Vance is better-known as a bestselling author and hit Hollywood movie subject than a politician who on Monday was propelled into the political big time as Donald Trump’s vice-presidential pick.

Amanda Bailey moved into Vance’s grandmother’s house, the home in which Vance was mostly raised, 18 months ago. Since then, she’s been dealing with a steady stream of curious passersby inspired by Vance’s 2016 autobiography, Hillbilly Elegy, and the 2020 film of the same name, driving by and taking photos of the house.

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Former Obama adviser says Biden has not quelled voters’ age concerns

David Axelrod says ‘it’s a very hard case to make that anyone should be elected US president at the age of 82’

David Axelrod, a former senior adviser to Barack Obama, has warned that Joe Biden has not done enough to relieve voters’ concern about his age since last month’s disastrous debate.

Axelrod spoke to the Guardian in Milwaukee as US representative Adam Schiff became the highest-profile Democrat to call for the president to drop his re-election bid.

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Bidenilla todettu koronavirustartunta – kertoi aiemmin harkitsevansa presidenttikisasta luopumista, jos sairastuisi

Istuvan presidentin Joe Bidenin ehdokkuutta on kyseenalaistettu avoimesti demokraattien joukossa kesäkuun lopun epäonnistuneen vaaliväittelysuorituksen jälkeen.

Ainakin yksi kuollut ja useita loukkaantunut auton ajauduttua terassille Pariisissa

Poliisin mukaan alustavan arvion perustella noin puoli kahdeksalta paikallista aikaa tapahtunut törmäys oli liikenneonnettomuus.

Venäläiset rajaloikkarit turhautuneina Ylen haastattelussa: Olemme vain odottaneet, haluaako Suomi meidät

Suomessa odottaa tällä hetkellä useita satoja venäläisiä miehiä turvapaikkapäätöstä. Jono matelee, koska EU keskeytti yhteisen ohjeistuksen tekemisen jäsenmaille.

Pitäisikö itärajaa avata uuden käännytyslain myötä? Perussuomalaisten Peltokangas väistelee vastausta

Mauri Peltokangas (ps.) ei suostunut antamaan A-studiossa suoraa vastausta kysymykseen, voisiko itärajaa avata käännytyslain myötä.

Baltian maan sulkevat rajansa Valko-Venäjälle rekisteröidyiltä autoilta

Viro ja Liettua ilmoittavat, että Valko-Venäjälle rekisteröidyt autot eivät jatkossa saa tulla Venäjän tai Valko-Venäjän rajan yli maahan. Latvia ilmoitti samasta rajoituksesta aiemmin tällä viikolla.

Saksa puolittamassa Ukrainalle annettavan tuen ensi vuonna

Kokoamme tähän artikkeliin sodan tärkeimmät tapahtumat.

Milwaukeessa valmistaudutaan J. D. Vancen debyyttipuheeseen – myös Trump piipahti lavalla

Seuraamme ampumisen jälkeisiä tapahtumia tässä päivittyvässä artikkelissa. Meneillään on republikaanien puoluekokous.

Fysioterapeutti viettää lomansa avustustyöntekijänä Gazassa – katastrofiavun päällikkö: ”Vaatii paljon henkistä kanttia”

Tällä hetkellä Gazassa työskentelee viisi Punaisen Ristin avustustyöntekijää. Työ on psyykkisesti hyvin raskasta.

Rankkasateet saivat pelastuslaitoksen yksiköt liikkeelle Tampereella

”Tilanne on aika hektinen. Tehtäviä on ihan jonoksi asti”, kuvaillaan kaupukitulvan torjuntatöitä Pirkanmaan pelastuslaitoksen johtokeskuksesta.

Raju ampiaishyökkäys vilkkaalla ulkoilureitillä Hämeenlinnassa: Jenny Koivistoisen koiralenkki päättyi sairaalaan

Hämeenlinnan kaupunki merkitsi luontopolun varrella sijaitsevan ampiaispesän varoituskylteillä. Alueella liikkuu paljon ulkoilijoita.

Yksinäisyyteen havahtuu usein kesällä – asiantuntija neuvoo, mitä sille voi tehdä

Kun kiireinen arki pysähtyy kesällä, monet havahtuvat yksinäisyyteen. Asiantuntijan mielestä se on hyvä hetki pohtia, mitä itse voisi tehdä toisin.

Timo Vornanen kertoi kokeneensa järjestäytyneen rikollisuuden uhkaa baari-iltana – tutkinnanjohtaja: Sitä uhkaa ei ollut

Kansanedustaja Timo Vornasta epäillään useista rikoksista. Vornasen kotoa löytyi kaksi luvatonta kaasuasetta ja hän oli vienyt aseen mukaan työhuoneeseensa.

Sähkön hinta voi pysyä edullisena jouluun saakka – määräaikaisissa sopimuksissa tarjoushinnat kaventuneet selvästi

Määräaikaisten sopimusten hinnat olivat alkukesästä jopa nousussa, mutta futuurien perusteella suunta voi kääntyä. Uudenlaisissa joustosopimuksissa piilee ikävän yllätyksen vaara.

Mikkelin toria piinanneesta ilkivallasta päästiin yksinkertaisella konstilla - kustannukset alle 5 000 euroa

Mikkelin torikauppiaat ehtivät toivoa alueen yövartiointia yli kahden vuoden ajan. Lopulta paikallislehden juttu herätti virkamiehet.

Pixarin luova johtaja Pete Docter selittää Ylelle, miksi Inside Out 2:ssa ei haluttu käsitellä masennusta

Ennätyksiä rikkoneessa Inside Out 2:ssa teini-ikäisen päähenkilön mieleen muuttaa joukko uusia tunteita.

A-studio alkoi myöhässä teknisten ongelmien takia

A-studion lähetyksessä oli keskiviikkona teknisiä ongelmia.

Veitsenheitossa kiehtoo vaara, mutta totuus yllättää: ” Se on oikeastaan aika tylsä tarkkuuslaji”

Veitsenheitolla on vaarallisen ja väkivaltaisen lajin imago. Totuus on harrastajien mukaan toinen: laji on mainettaan kiltimpi.

Aikuiset suojaavat lastensa ihon uv-säteilyltä – oma iho jää usein suojaamatta

Ikä ei suojaa uv-säteilyn haitoilta, päinvastoin. Läpi elämän karttuva altistuminen säteilylle ja mahdolliset palamiset lisäävät ihosyöpäriskiä.

Kysely: Kaksi kolmesta demokraatista toivoo Bidenin luopuvan ehdokkuudestaan

Epäonnistunut esiintyminen kesäkuussa käydyssä vaaliväittelyssä on syönyt uskoa Bideniin demokraattipuolueen sisällä.

Sotarikossyytteistä vapautettu Gibril Massaquoi saa Suomen valtiolta jättikorvaukset

Valtiokonttori myönsi sotarikossyytteistä vapautetulle miehelle lähes 400 000 euron korvaukset vangitsemisesta aiheutuneesta kärsimyksestä ja tulonmenetyksistä.

Tällaista kohtelua turvapaikanhakijat saavat rajalla käännytyslain aikana – neljä skenaariota

Maahantulijat saavat maahantulon arvioinnin ajaksi ruoan ja suojan. Rajavartiolaitos arvioi tarvittaessa myös rajalle tulevien henkilöiden hoidontarpeen.

Pikamuotijätti Sheiniä vastaan uusi kampanja – tarkoituksena estää listautuminen Lontoon pörssiin

Kiinalainen Shein on kasvanut maailman suurimmaksi pikamuotiyritykseksi. Sitä syytetään useista vastuullisen toiminnan rikkomuksista.

Valko-Venäjä mahdollistaa viisumivapaan matkustamisen kymmenistä Euroopan maista

Lukašenkan mukaan uudistus osoittaa, miten avoin ja rauhaa rakastava maa Valko-Venäjä on.

Professori torjuu harhaluulon ”vaarallisista” metalleista tamponeissa

Sosiaalisessa mediassa leviää hurja väite tamponien sisältämistä raskasmetalleista. Oikeasti tamponien metallipitoisuus on häviävän pieni eikä se vaikuta terveyteen.

Poliisi: Thaimaan hotellikuolemat syanidimyrkytyksiä, epäilty kuollut

Bangkokissa sijaitsevasta luksushotellista löytyi tiistaina kuusi ruumista. Poliisi epäilee, että myrkyttäjä on yksi kuolleista.

Uutta tietoa epäillystä tapon yrityksestä Tampereella: epäilty yritti ampua, mutta ase ei lauennut

Välikohtaus tapahtui eilen Nekalan kaupunginosassa sijaitsevassa ravintolassa ja sen pihapiirissä.

Samoja katuja avataan uudelleen ja tontit myllätään – nopeiden nettiyhteyksien varjopuoli kiristää asukkaiden hermoja

Pitkään jatkuvat valokuituverkon rakennustyöt koettelevat asukkaiden hermoja. Samat tieosuudet saatetaan avata useampaan kertaan.

Kosmetologilla käynti, hieronta ja itsensä silittäminen – kosketus voi tuoda terveyshyötyjä monella tapaa

Tutkija Juulia Suvilehdon mukaan kosketus voi esimerkiksi rauhoittaa elimistöä ja vähentää stressiä.

Seksitön parisuhde aiheuttaa häpeää ja surua – ”Jukka” on elänyt seksittömässä avioliitossa vuosia eikä usko tilanteen muuttuvan

Yle kysyi kokemuksia seksittömässä parisuhteessa elämisestä. Moni vastaaja näki tilanteen taustalla arjen kuormittavuuden ja terveysvaivat, mutta toisinaan syy on täysi mysteeri.

Helsingissä aukesi uusi uimaranta, jonka vesi tulee yli sadan kilometrin päästä

Palettilammen uimarannan rakennustyöt jouduttiin keskeyttämään kesäkuussa, sillä paikalla pesi erittäin uhanalainen lintu.

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Markets digest bank earnings after recent turmoil

Still haven't filed your taxes? Here's what you need to know

So far this tax season, the IRS has received more than 90 million income tax returns for 2022.

Retail spending fell in March as consumers pull back

Spending at US retailers fell in March as consumers pulled back amid recessionary fears fueled by the banking crisis.

Analysis: Fox News is about to enter the true No Spin Zone

This is it.

Silicon Valley Bank collapse renews calls to address disparities impacting entrepreneurs of color

When customers at Silicon Valley Bank rushed to withdraw billions of dollars last month, venture capitalist Arlan Hamilton stepped in to help some of the founders of color who panicked about losing access to payroll funds.

Not only is Lake Powell's water level plummeting because of drought, its total capacity is shrinking, too

Lake Powell, the second-largest human-made reservoir in the US, has lost nearly 7% of its potential storage capacity since 1963, when Glen Canyon Dam was built, a new report shows.

These were the best and worst places for air quality in 2021, new report shows

Air pollution spiked to unhealthy levels around the world in 2021, according to a new report.

Big-box stores could help slash emissions and save millions by putting solar panels on roofs. Why aren't more of them doing it?

As the US attempts to wean itself off its heavy reliance on fossil fuels and shift to cleaner energy sources, many experts are eyeing a promising solution: your neighborhood big-box stores and shopping malls.

Look of the Week: Blackpink headline Coachella in Korean hanboks

Bringing the second day of this year's Coachella to a close, K-Pop girl group Blackpink made history Saturday night when they became the first Asian act to ever headline the festival. To a crowd of, reportedly, over 125,000 people, Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa and Rosé used the ground-breaking moment to pay homage to Korean heritage by arriving onstage in hanboks: a traditional type of dress.

Scientists identify secret ingredient in Leonardo da Vinci paintings

"Old Masters" such as Leonardo da Vinci, Sandro Botticelli and Rembrandt may have used proteins, especially egg yolk, in their oil paintings, according to a new study.

How Playboy cut ties with Hugh Hefner to create a post-MeToo brand

Hugh Hefner launched Playboy Magazine 70 years ago this year. The first issue included a nude photograph of Marilyn Monroe, which he had purchased and published without her knowledge or consent.

'A definitive backslide.' Inside fashion's worrying runway trend

Now that the Fall-Winter 2023 catwalks have been disassembled, it's clear one trend was more pervasive than any collective penchant for ruffles, pleated skirts or tailored coats.

Michael Jordan's 1998 NBA Finals sneakers sell for a record $2.2 million

In 1998, Michael Jordan laced up a pair of his iconic black and red Air Jordan 13s to bring home a Bulls victory during Game 2 of his final NBA championship — and now they are the most expensive sneakers ever to sell at auction. The game-winning sneakers sold for $2.2 million at Sotheby's in New York on Tuesday, smashing the sneaker auction record of $1.47 million, set in 2021 by a pair of Nike Air Ships that Jordan wore earlier in his career.

The surreal facades of America's strip clubs

Some people travel the world in search of adventure, while others seek out natural wonders, cultural landmarks or culinary experiences. But French photographer François Prost was looking for something altogether different during his recent road trip across America: strip clubs.

Here's the real reason to turn on airplane mode when you fly

We all know the routine by heart: "Please ensure your seats are in the upright position, tray tables stowed, window shades are up, laptops are stored in the overhead bins and electronic devices are set to flight mode."

'I was up to my waist down a hippo's throat.' He survived, and here's his advice

Paul Templer was living his best life.

They bought an abandoned 'ghost house' in the Japanese countryside

He'd spent years backpacking around the world, and Japanese traveler Daisuke Kajiyama was finally ready to return home to pursue his long-held dream of opening up a guesthouse.

Relaxed entry rules make it easier than ever to visit this stunning Asian nation

Due to its remoteness and short summer season, Mongolia has long been a destination overlooked by travelers.

The most beautiful sections of China's Great Wall

Having lived in Beijing for almost 12 years, I've had plenty of time to travel widely in China.

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Nelly Cheboi, who creates computer labs for Kenyan schoolchildren, is CNN's Hero of the Year

Celebrities and musicians are coming together tonight to honor everyday people making the world a better place.

CNN Heroes: Sharing the Spotlight

Donate now to a Top 10 CNN Hero

Anderson Cooper explains how you can easily donate to any of the 2021 Top 10 CNN Heroes.

0% intro APR until 2024 is 100% insane

It's official: now avoid credit card interest into 2024

Experts: this is the best cash back card of 2022

Turn Your Rising Home Equity Into Cash You Can Use

Dream Big with a Home Equity Loan

Want Cash Out of Your Home? Here Are Your Best Options

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Yhdysvallat | Joe Bidenilla on koronavirus

Presidentti sanoi haastattelussa keskiviikkona, että harkitsisi luopumista ehdokkuudestaan marraskuun vaaleissa, jos lääkäri pitäisi sitä tarpeellisena terveydentilan takia.

Palatsit | Britannian Starmer isännöi Stubbia historiallisessa palatsissa: Winston Churchillin synnyin­koti oli aikansa öky­kartano

Britannian pääministeri Keir Starmer isännöi eurooppalaisia johtajia Blenheimin palatsissa torstaina. 1700-luvun alussa rakennettu massiivinen kartano on ollut Churchillin ja Spencerin sukujen näyttämö.

Ranska | Auto ajoi ravintolan terassille Pariisissa: yksi kuoli, ainakin kaksi loukkaantui vakavasti

Kuljettaja pakeni paikalta. Auton matkustaja oli poliisin mukaan alkoholin ja huumeiden vaikutuksen alaisena.

Ukraina-seuranta | Ukrainan sillan­pää­asema Dneprin itä­rannalla ”täysin tuhoutunut”

HS seuraa Ukrainan sotaa ja sen seurauksia hetki hetkeltä.

Juomavesi | Pohjavedet lämpenevät, ja siitä voi kärsiä ennen pitkää jopa puoli miljardia ihmistä

Lämpenevään veteen liukenee enemmän raskas­metalleja ja taudin­aiheuttajia.

Trumpin ampuminen | Yhdysvaltain kotimaan turvallisuus­virasto selvittää salaisen palvelun toimintaa

Ampuminen on herättänyt kysymyksiä turvatoimista ja muun muassa siitä, miten epäillyn ampujan onnistui avata tuli Trumpia kohti läheiseltä katolta.

Yhdysvaltain presidentin­vaalit | Bidenin piina jatkuu: jälleen uusi vaikutus­valtainen demokraatti vaatii vetäytymään

NBC News kertoi tiistaina saaneensa demokraattien luonnosteleman kirjeen, jossa vaaditaan Bidenin ehdokkuuden vahvistavan nimenhuudon lykkäystä.

Pörssiyhtiöt | Terveys­alan jätit porskuttavat – HS kysyi analyytikoilta, mikä vahvaa tulos­kuntoa selittää

Terveysalan pörssiyhtiöt Terveystalo ja Pihlajalinna ovat molemmat nostaneet heinäkuun aikana tulos­ohjeistustaan. HS kysyi analyytikoilta, mistä terveys­yhtiöiden tuloskunto johtuu.

Yleisurheilu | Krista Tervon tilanne herättää kysymyksiä – asiantuntija ihmeissään: ”Jotenkin uskomatonta”

Krista Tervolla on menossa todella vaikea jakso.

Sää | Mihin ukkonen katosi? Meteorologi kertoo, miksi aamu­päivän ennustus johti harhaan

Uudellemaalle ennustettuja ukkoskuuroja ja kovia tuulenpuuskia ei ennusteista huolimatta näkynytkään keskiviikkona.

Tuloerot | Maliranta: Suomen ongelma on tuottavuus­romahdus, eivät pienet tulo­erot

HS:ssä julkaistun kolumnin mukaan pienet tuloerot ylläpitävät köyhyyttä. Tuloeroja ei voi syyttää ainakaan Suomen talousongelmista, sanoo työn ja talouden tutkimuslaitos Laboren johtaja Mika Maliranta.

Yleisurheilu | Suurlupaus Rasmus Vehmaa, 19, jysäytti nuorten Suomen ennätyksen

Rasmus Vehmaa täräytti Suomen ennätyksen.

Televisio | Shogun ja The Bear keräsivät eniten tv-alan Emmy-ehdokkuuksia

Juuri kolmannelle kaudelle päässyt The Bear sai ennätykselliset 23 ehdokkuutta.

Planeetat | Yleisön rakastama Pluto jäisi ulos planeetan uudestakin määritelmästä

Suosittu Pluto pysyisi yhä kääpiöplaneettana, jollaiseksi se ”alennettiin” 2006.

Olympialaiset | Ranskalaismiestä epäillään terrori-iskun suunnittelemisesta Pariisin olympialaisiin

Ranskalaislehden mukaan pidätetty mies uhkaili olympialaisiin liittyen ääri­nationalistisessa Telegram-ryhmässä.

Liikenne | Mies jäi kiinni ilman korttia ajamisesta – Poliisin mukaan ilmiö on yleinen

Ilman ajo-oikeutta ajaminen oli toiseksi yleisin sakotettava liikenne­rikkomus viime vuonna.

Jalkapallo | Espanjan EM-sankarien käytöksestä kultajuhlissa syntyi kohu

Gibraltarin jalkapalloliitto ei katsonut hyvällä kaksikon toimintaa.

Rikosepäilyt | Aseen tuominen työ­huoneeseen järkyttää edus­kunta­ryhmissä: ”Olen kauhuissani”

Timo Vornasen tulisi erota, tai ainakin harkita eroa kansanedustajan tehtävästä, sanovat useat eduskuntaryhmien puheenjohtajat.

Televisioarvio | Ylistetyssä ravintola­sarjassa on jo liikaa kokkeja ja ruoka­horinaa

The Bearin kolmannella kaudella pohditaan erinomaisuuden hintaa. Se ei kuitenkaan yllä edellisten kausien tasolle.

Ooppera | Saksan kulttuuri­ministeri haluaa legendaariselle Wagner-festivaalille muutakin kuin Wagneria

Bayreuthin musiikkijuhlat alkavat ensi viikolla.

Musiikki | Nasa lähetti Missy Elliottin rap-kappaleen Venukseen

Edellisen kerran avaruuteen lähetettiin musiikki­kappale vuonna 2008.

Rikosepäilyt | Timo Vornanen kommentoi rikos­epäilyjä –  Hänen mukaansa poliisin löytämät kaasu­aseet olivat startti­pistooleja

Kansanedustaja Timo Vornanen kommentoi häneen kohdistuvia rikosepäilyjä HS:lle lähettämässään tiedotteessa.

Eläimet | Loukkaantuneen Sasu-hevosen pelastaneille 6-vuotiaille on luvassa palkkio – tytöt ovat olleet tapauksesta hämillään

Sasun loukkaantumisen syy on edelleen epäselvä, kertoo hevosen omistaja.

Pääkirjoitus | Vornasen on syytä pohtia asemaansa

Poliisi kertoi keskiviikkona, että kansanedusta Timo Vornasen epäillään syyllistyneen vaaran aiheuttamiseen, laittomaan uhkaukseen, ampuma-aserikokseen ja ampuma-aserikkomukseen.

Ravintolat | Harvojen tietämä helmi on historiallinen kesäkahvila, jossa voi istua idyllisellä terassilla rannalla

Kolme ravintolaa, joissa on erityinen, merellinen tunnelma.

Olympialaiset | Putinin mahtipontinen urheiluprojekti lässähti

Venäjän hehkuttama urheilutapahtuma Ystävyyden kisat on vastatuulessa.

Ukraina | Venäjä ja Ukraina vaihtoivat vankeja – video näyttää tunteikkaan kotiinpaluun

Yhdistyneet arabiemiirikunnat oli neuvottelemassa vankienvaihtosopimusta jo toista kertaa tänä kesänä.

Jalkapallo | Wesley Fofana tuomitsi joukkue­kaverinsa videon – some­tili täyttyi rasistisesta törystä

Wesley Fofana joutui rasismin kohteeksi sosiaalisessa mediassa.

60-vuotias | ”Se kolmas Kummeli” Heikki Hela ei ole koskaan halunnut pää­osaan

”Olen komppimuusikko, joukkuepelaaja”, Heikki Hela sanoo.

Ukraina | Laita­oikeisto äänesti vastaan, kun euro­parlamentti tuomitsi Orbánin Moskovan-matkan

Europarlamentin uudet laita­oikeisto­ryhmät äänestivät Ukraina-päätös­lauselmaa vastaan. Vasemmisto­ryhmä hajosi äänestyksessä täysin.

Essee | Harmittomuutta ihannoidaan yhä enemmän, ja se kertoo huolestuttavia asioita tästä ajasta

Taylor Swift on nostalginen tähti, vaikka tekee musiikkia tässä ajassa. Hän muistuttaa, millaisia periamerikkalaiset tähdet olivat joskus muinoin: kuvankauniita suorittajia.

Tampere | Poliisi: Nekalan operaation taustalla ravintolassa alkanut sana­harkka

Poliisin mukaan tapon yrityksestä epäilty oli yrittänyt laukaista aseen kohti itselleen entuudestaan tuntematonta ihmistä. Ase ei kuitenkaan lauennut.

Kojut | Esplanadin puistoon jämähtäneet ”liikkuvat” kojut oli syytäkin kieltää, sanoo puutarhuri

Myyntikojujen kieltäminen oli tervetullut päätös Esplanadin puiston puutarhuri Paula Pakkalalle. Hän ehti seurata kojumyynnin muuttumista kolmena vuonna.

Kolumni | Ruskettuminen on vaarallinen kauneustrendi

Ihosyövän ilmaantuvuus on Suomessa kasvanut nopeasti nuorten rynnätessä ulos uv-indeksin ollessa korkeimmillaan.

Metsät | Maailman metsien hiilinielua syö tropiikin metsäkato

Ilman tropiikin metsien raivaamista puuston kasvu olisi imenyt puolet ihmiskunnan päästöistä.

Sanalouhos | Osa sanoista vie harhaan – Osaatko ratkaista Sana­louhoksen?

HS:n Sanalouhos-pelissä tehtävänäsi on etsiä sanat ruudukosta. Peli ratkeaa, kun saat kaikki kirjaimet käytettyä.

Miniristikko | Sankarit palaavat – Porilaisten suosikit syksyllä yhdessä!

HS:n 5x5-miniristikko ilmestyy päivittäin vaihtuvalla aiheella. Kokeile saatko kaikki sanat omille paikoilleen.

Levy­arvio | Eminem setäilee toivottavasti viimeisen kerran

Voiko kokonaisen albumin tekstillisen maailman laittaa ”se oli läppä” -loppukaneetin taakse?

Osavuosikatsaukset | Nokian vaikeudet jatkuvat: Tulokseen odotetaan suurta kolausta

Analyytikot arvioivat, että yhtiön vertailukelpoinen liikevoitto on vähentynyt 40 prosenttia.

Autourheilu | Suomen formulalupaus oli viattoman näköisessä kolarissa – karut seuraukset selvisivät sairaalassa

Luka Sammalisto, 16, loukkaantui Mugellossa ajetussa Italian F4-sarjan osakilpailussa.

Gazan sota | Järjestö: Hamas ja muut aseelliset palestiinalais­ryhmät syyllisiä useisiin sota­rikoksiin

Raportin mukaan Hamasin aseellinen siipi ja ainakin neljä muuta järjestöä olisivat syyllistyneet sotarikoksiin.

Liberia-oikeudenkäynti | Sotarikos­syytteistä vapautettu saa Suomelta satojen tuhansien eurojen korvaukset – ”Harkitaan, tyydytäänkö siihen”

Syyttömäksi todettu Gibril Massaquoi saa tuoreen päätöksen mukaan Suomen valtiolta yhteensä noin 390 000 euroa.

Sote | Kollegoiden heikko kielitaito kuormittaa hoitajia jopa niin, että osa vaihtaa työpaikkaa– ”Sieltä häviää sitten suomalaiset”

HS:n haastattelema hoitaja kertoo, että kehno kielitaito johtaa esimerkiksi virheisiin lääkityksessä ja kollegoiden uupumiseen.

Yleisurheilu | Olympiamaratoonari kärähti kolmesta eri aineesta – pitkä toimintakielto uhkaa

Olympialaiset jäivät juoksijalla haaveeksi.

Varallisuus | Suomalaisten suhteellinen köyhyys ei johdu rahojen makuuttamisesta pankki­tileillä, sanoo pää­ekonomisti

Aktian pääekonomistin Lasse Corinin tekemän vertailun mukaan on harhakäsitys, että kotitaloudet Suomessa suosisivat rahojen säilyttämistä pankkitilillä muita Pohjoismaita enemmän.

Espoo | Käsi­merkit ja ilma­pistooli viuhuivat Turun­väylällä miehen suututtua toisen kuskin ”huonosta ajosta”

Poliisi tutkii miehen toimintaa laittomana uhkauksena.

Vesi­liikenne | Veneilijä törmäsi rajusti vesi­bussiin Helsingin edustalla

Törmäyksestä ei aiheutunut henkilö­vahinkoja.

Yleisurheilu | Kovan tuloksen tehnyt urheilija kertoo mitä amerikkalaisella pellolla oikein tapahtui: ”Se oli täydellinen päivä”

Amerikkalaisessa 549 asukkaan tuppukylässä heitettiin kiekon maailmanennätys ja yhdeksän olympiarajaa. Kohukilpailussa onnistunut Ieva Gumbs kertoo, mitä Ramonassa oikein tapahtui.

Kommentti | Vornasen teko on painajais­mainen kuva ajastamme

Kansanedustajien on syytä käyttäytyä asemansa mukaisesti. Aseen tuominen toistuvasti eduskunnan työhuoneeseen on ennenkuulumatonta, kirjoittaa politiikan toimituksen esihenkilö Hanna Mahlamäki.

Rikosepäilyt | Kultaisesta mersustaan tunnettu ”prinssi” vangittiin Oulussa

Miestä odoteltiin Suomeen liki kahden vuoden ajan.

Saasteet | Kuvat: Pormestarin uinti Seinessä villitsi pariisilaisia

Pariisin läpi virtaavan Seinen veden laatu herättää huolta olympialaisissa.

Vantaa | Poliisi: Vartija huomautti seuruetta häiritsevästä käytöksestä, tuli hakatuksi

Kuusijärvellä iltaa viettäneen seurueen jäsen löi vartijaa useita kertoja muun muassa kasvoihin, tiedottaa poliisi.

Tuomiot | Helsinkiläinen mies tienasi yli 75 000 euroa virtuaalisesti, eikä maksanut lainkaan veroja

Yhteensä veroja jäi tuomitulta maksamatta liki 19 000 euroa.

Sote | Hyvin­vointi­alue valitteli omaisille ”kesä­kirjeessä” työ­voima­pulaa, omaiset hermostuivat

Aluehallintovirasto katsoi Etelä-Pohjanmaan hyvinvointialueen ”kesäkirjeen” antaneen kotihoidosta vääränlaisen kuvan.

Rikosepäilyt | Esitutkinta valmistui: Nainen yritti murhata veljensä ja äitinsä Vantaan Keimolassa, kirjoitti uhrien puolesta jäähyväis­kirjeen

Naista epäillään kahdesta murhan yrityksestä ja kahdesta törkeästä maksu­väline­petoksesta. Uhrit olivat naisen äiti ja veli.

Jyväskylä | Seniori­talon palosta riidellään oikeus­teitse: SRV:n tytär­yhtiötä vastaan nostettu kanteita

Kanteiden yhteenlaskettu summa on noin kahdeksan miljoonaa euroa. Kanteet liittyvät senioritalon paloon Jyväskylässä vuonna 2020.

Yhdysvallat | Biden harkitsee korkeimman oikeuden mylläämistä – Pöydällä tuomareiden kausien rajoittaminen

Uudistuksille pitäisi saada kongressin tuki, mikä ei vaikuta todennäköiseltä.

Britannia | Uusi parlamentti kokoontui ensimmäistä kertaa, kuningas Charles luki hallituksen puheen

Istuntokauden avajaiset ovat Britanniassa parlamentti­vuoden tärkein seremoniallinen tapahtuma

Jalkapallo | Pelottava tilanne HJK:n eurokatastrofissa – ”Lähti ilmeisesti taju”

Lucas Lingmanin ottelu päättyi pelottavaan tärskyyn.

Byrokratia | Kaikki avit on käsketty purkamaan kalliin Soteri-järjestelmän ruuhkaa Etelä-Suomessa: Käsittely­ajat pitenevät kaikkialla muualla

Resurssien keskittämisen vuoksi käsittelyajat pitenevät muiden aluehallintovirastojen alueilla.

Musiikki | Adele ilmoitti pitävänsä pitkän tauon musiikista

Adele kertoo haluavansa musiikin sijaan keskittyä seuraavaksi ”muihin luoviin asioihin”.

HS Yhdysvalloissa | Heille kaikki on nyt selvää: Trump on ”Jumalan valittu” ja matkalla murska­voittoon – sitten alkaa Amerikan vallan­kumous

Donald Trump selviytyi ampumisesta ja lunasti kannattajiensa mielissä paikkansa Jumalan valittuna ja pelottomana alfauroksena. Mikään ei voi enää pysäyttää suurta suunnitelmaa, he uskovat.

Lain­säädäntö | Tiktok-omistaja yritti irti portin­vartijan asemastaan, EU-tuomio­istuin hylkäsi valituksen

EU-komissio oli luokitellut Tiktokin yhdeksi digimarkkinoilla suurta valtaa käyttävistä portinvartijoista, joiden on noudatettava tiukempaa sääntelyä.

Rikosepäilyt | Poliisi: Kansanedustaja Vornanen vei aseen työhuoneeseen, kotoa löytyi luvattomia kaasuaseita

Timo Vornasen rikosepäilyt siirtyvät syyteharkintaan. Vornanen ei kommentoinut tapauksen yksityiskohtia keskiviikkona HS:lle.

Jalkapallo | Kohu Argentiinan rasistisen laulun ympärillä paisuu – kuvaajan joukkuekaveri tyrmistyi

Myös videon kuvaajan edustama Chelsea on ottanut kantaa kohuun.

Gazan sota | Israel saattoi tappaa miehen, joka on luonut tuntemamme Hamasin – Asian­tuntija kertoo, miksi sekään ei välttämättä lopeta sotaa

Viikonloppuna 90 ihmistä kuoli, kun Israel yritti surmata Hamasin aseellisen siiven johtajan. Iskun onnistumisesta ei ole tietoa, mutta muuttaisiko yksittäisen ihmisen surmaaminen sodan suunnan?

Korot | Asuntovelkaisille ilouutinen: 12 kuukauden euribor laski vuoden pohjalukemiin

Vuoden euribor-viitekorko laski keskiviikkona alimpiin lukemiinsa sitten viime syksyn korkohuippujen.

Sdp | ”Uudentyyppinen vakava kriisi” – Railo repesi Sdp:ssä, eikä sen uskota korjaantuvan nopeasti

Pitkän linjan demaripoliitikot Erkki Tuomioja ja Liisa Jaakonsaari pitävät rajalakikiistaa poikkeuksellisena kriisinä. He eivät kuitenkaan usko, että se jättäisi puolueeseen syvempiä arpia.

Rikosepäilyt | Eduskunnan hallinto­johtaja Vornasen aseesta: Emme voi kansan­edustajia joka aamu tarkastaa

Poliisi kertoi keskiviikkona kansanedustaja Timo Vornasen myöntäneen vieneensä aseensa kahdesti työhuoneeseensa eduskunnassa.

Televisio | The Bear loi odotukset, joita on vaikea tyydyttää – ”Paineet ovat todelliset”, sanoo sarjan tähti Jeremy Allen White

Ylistetty The Bear jatkuu Suomessa keskiviikkona 17. heinäkuuta. Tuore seksisymboli Jeremy Allen White ja muut The Bearin näyttelijät kertovat säännöistä, joista huipulla ei voi neuvotella.

Koronavirus | EU:n yleinen tuomioistuin: Komissio ei olisi saanut salata koronarokote­sopimusten tietoja

Euroopan komissio ei olisi saanut salata koronarokotesopimusten yksityiskohtia, linjaa yleinen tuomioistuin.

Valokuvat | Kallion kaunein rakennus pääsi koristamaan näyttelyä Lontoossa: ”Mikä ihmeellinen paikka”

Suomessa asunut Oksana Smolianinova kuvasi Kallion jugend-helmi Ihantolan marraskuussa 2018. Valokuva koristaa nyt elokuvaohjaaja Wes Andersonin omaleimaista tyyliä imitoivia kuvia ja kohteita kokoavaa näyttelyä.

Yritykset | Yandex on nyt Nebius Group – Pääsi eroon Venäjän-toiminnoistaan

Hakukone- ja teknologiayhtiö Yandex sai viimeisteltyä Venäjän-toimintojensa myynnin venäläiselle sijoittajajoukolle. Arkadi Voložin johtama emoyhtiö jatkaa hollannissa nimellä Nebius Group.

Haavat | Lähes kaikki ovat joskus saaneet paperista viilto­haavan sormeensa – Fyysikot laskivat, mikä paperi on pahin

Toimiston A4-paperi voi viiltää haavan sormeesi, jos se kohtaa ihon noin 15 asteen kulmassa.

Sää | Kovat ukkos­puuskat iskevät ilta­päivällä Uudella­maalla, sade­varoitus annettu

Ukkonen voi paikallisesti tuoda mukanaan suuria sademääriä ja kovia ukkospuuskia. Ukkoset ovat iltaan mennessä ylittäneet Uudenmaan.

Raha | 400 euron arvoista vero­­vapaata etua myydään nyt hävyttömästi eteenpäin

Liikunta- ja kulttuuriedulla ostettuja lippuja myydään verkossa, vaikka verovapaata etua ei saisi vaihtaa rahaksi.

Jalkapallon EM-kisat | Espanjan mestari­valmentaja on jättämässä joukkueen – lähde: loikkaamassa toisen maa­joukkueen peräsimeen

Kultavalmentajan sopimusta on jäljellä vielä kaksi vuotta.

Televisioarvio | Brittisarja on epäonnistunut sekoitus kasari­nostalgiaa ja kuolemaa

Sentimentaalinen Viimeiseen sointuun -sarja laskee nuoruusmuistojen varaan mutta kertoo enemmän eutanasiasta

Lukijan mielipide | Eduskunta heikentää omaa asemaansa

Käännytyslaki on ensimmäinen valtuuslaki, jossa eduskunnalla ei ole oikeutta jälkitarkastukseen, eli käyttöönoton kumoamiseen.

Some | Suositun meemitilin ylläpitäjä teki lehti-ilmoituksen: Uteliaita ilmestyi helsinkiläiseen kulmakapakkaan jo aamukymmeneltä

Meemitili kutsui seuraajansa ja HS:n lukijat aamupäiväkaljoille. Paikalle saapui ihmisiä, jotka tietävät, mistä Instagramin meemikulttuurissa on kyse.

Sdp | Eveliina Heinäluoman lapsi syntyi

Myös keskustan kansanedustaja Jouni Ovaska sai lapsen viikonloppuna.

Video | Kettu sai jätti­saaliin Palo­heinässä: Hipsi kita pullollaan vesi­myyriä

HS kertoi tiistaina ketun poikkeuksellisesta rottasaaliista Kotkassa. Sen jälkeen lukija lähetti videon Helsingissä tekemästään kettuhavainnosta.

Pörssiyhtiöt | Pihlajalinna antoi positiivisen tulos­varoituksen, osakkeen hinta selvässä nousussa

Terveysalan yhtiö Pihlajalinna kertoi, että se nostaa ohjeistustaan kuluvan vuoden kannattavuudesta.

Hinnoittelu | Turussa on ravintola, joka myy pizzaa niin halvalla, ettei sen pitäisi olla mahdollista

Turussa on ravintola, joka myy pizzoja viidellä eurolla. HS selvitti, miten se on mahdollista.

Baseball | Countrylaulaja Ingrid Andress esiintyi humalassa jättiyleisön edessä – ”Aion mennä hoitoon”

Suosittu countrylaulaja Ingrid Andress pyysi tapahtunutta anteeksi baseballyhteisöltä.

Osa­vuosi­katsaukset | Kemiran myynti­määrät ja kannattavuus kasvoivat, mutta kurssi lähti 10 prosentin laskuun

Kemiran liikevaihto ja operatiivinen liiketulos kasvoivat toisella neljänneksellä, kun luvuista oikaistaan pois helmikuussa myydyn öljy- ja kaasuliiketoiminnan vaikutus.

Yhdysvaltain presidentin­vaalit | Demokraatit suomivat ”ennen­näkemätöntä” virtuaali­äänestystä Bidenin ehdokkuudesta – ”Kauhea ajatus”

Useat edustajainhuoneen demokraatit haluavat viivyttää Joe Bidenin ehdokkuuden vahvistamista virtuaalisessa äänestyksessä, jonka myötä Bidenin nimitys voitaisiin virallistaa jo heinäkuun loppuun mennessä.

Thaimaa | Kuusi ulkomaalaista löydettiin kuolleena luksushotellista – Kuolinsyy selvillä

Kuusi ulkomaalaista kuoli todennäköisesti syanidimyrkytykseen thaimaalaishotellissa. Epäilty on poliisin mukaan kuolleiden joukossa.

Parisuhde | Nykyihminen haluaa optimoida parisuhteensa, ja se tekee meistä onnettomia

Nykyihminen haluaa kontrolloida kaikkea. Sillä voi olla tuhoisia seurauksia parisuhteille, professori uskoo.

Kysely | Oletko kotiäiti? HS etsii haastateltavia kyselyllään

Oletko kotiäiti tai jäänyt muuten vain kotiin hoitamaan taloudenpitoa? Vastaa HS:n kyselyyn.

Dokumentit | Ohjaajalegenda tuottaa dokumentin kohutuista ”doping-olympialaisista” – Näin kiistanalaista aihetta on käsitelty dokumenteissa

Dokumenttisarjan tarkoitus on tutkia kisojen ”moniselitteistä moraalia”. HS listasi viisi kiinnostavaa dokumenttia, joissa on aiemmin käsitelty dopingin käyttöä.

Uutisvisa | Missä maassa suomalainen toimittaja-kirjailija Mark Levengood työskentelee? Tämä ja yhdeksän muuta kysymystä ratkottavaksi!

HS:n Uutisvisa testaa, oletko ajan tasalla. Kymmenen kysymyksen avulla saat selville, kuinka hyvin olet lukenut Hesarisi viime aikoina.

Uimarannat | Testasimme kymmenen Helsingin uimarantaa, joista kolme sai huippupisteet

HS10-sarja suosittelee tällä kertaa Helsingin uimarantoja.

Raha | Urheilija teki sopimuksen Onlyfansin kanssa, liitto älähti: ”Perusarvojemme vastaista”

Norjalaisen kilpa-ajajan sponsoriyhteistyö Onlyfans-sivuston saa osakseen kritiikkiä. Urheiluliitto pyytää nuoria urheilijoita välttämään yhteistyötä.

Käytöstavat | Erimielisyys kentällä esti espoolais­miehen perhettä pääsemästä lennolle – Älä toimi ainakaan näin lentokentällä

Espoolaismies kertoo HS:lle, ettei päässyt lentokoneeseen kentällä tulleiden erimielisyyksien takia. Tällaiset ovat lentokentän käyttäytymissäännöt.

Ulkonäkö | Ulkonäkö voi olla mieletön ase, sanoo Pipsa Hurmerinta – ”Katsotaan vaikka Sanna Marinia”

Pipsa Hurmerinta tietää, mitä on kauneuden mukanaan tuoma pääoma. Hän tietää myös, miltä tuntuu, kun se alkaa huveta. Tässä jutussa Hurmerinta puhuu kauneudesta ja vanhenemisesta.

Yritykset | 20 000 asukkaan Mäntsälä sai ”Euroopan tehokkaimman” kaupallisessa käytössä olevan super­tieto­koneen

YNV kertoo myös laajentavansa palvelinkeskusta. Valmista olisi määrä tulla 12 kuukauden aikana.

Osavuosikatsaukset | Terveys­talo vahvassa vedossa – tulos nousi puolella viime vuodesta

Terveystalon oikaistu liikevoitto oli huhti–kesäkuussa lähes 50 prosenttia suurempi kuin viime vuoden vastaavaan aikaan verrattuna.

HS Tampereella | Tampereen päivystys pyörii taas riskirajalla – ”Toivottavasti ei tule tautiaaltoa tai tapahdu suuronnettomuutta”

Kesällä Taysin päivystyksessä on ollut ruuhkautumista joka toinen päivä.

Luonto | Suomalaisjärven hämmästyttävän turkoosi vesi muuttui uimakelvottomaksi

Seitsemän vuotta sitten varsinaissuomalainen järvi puhdistettiin kemikaaleilla kirkkaaksi. Nyt vesi on jälleen sameaa.

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Al Jazeera

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US special counsel appeals dismissal of Trump’s secret documents case

Former president and Republican 2024 nominee is accused of mishandling classified government files at his Florida home.

What can be expected from the new UK government?

Labour government lays out its legislative plans as king opens Parliament.

UN chief slams Israel for dooming prospects for two-state solution

Antonio Guterres says recent developments in West Bank are 'driving a stake through the heart' of a two-state solution.

Paris mayor takes dip in ‘safe to swim Seine’ ahead of Olympics

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo swam in the Seine as the river was declared safe for swimming, days ahead of the Olympics.

Chip stocks shed $480bn on China trade fears, Trump’s Taiwan comments

Even as many chip stocks were hammered, companies with chip manufacturing operations in the US gained.

Top Democrat Adam Schiff calls on Biden to drop out of 2024 election race

A new poll also finds nearly two-thirds of US Democrats believe Biden should allow the party to pick a new candidate.

Gaza is ‘most documented genocide in history,’ says Palestinian UN rep

“What is happening in Gaza is going down as the most documented genocide in history."

King’s Speech charts out new UK government’s priorities

New Labour government says it is prioritising reviving the economy, acute housing shortage and a cost-of-living crisis.

Syrian farmers with shotguns target explosive-laden drones

Simple Iranian-linked drones rigged with explosives are becoming increasingly common in Syria.

Libya, Tunisia urge Europe to increase aid to help tackle migration crisis

North African countries seek assistance at Tripoli conference to help stem flow of refugees and migrants.

Italy watchdog investigates Armani, Dior after worker exploitation probes

Antitrust authority carried out searches on Tuesday at the companies of the Armani and Dior groups.

Why does Israel step up its attacks when Gaza ceasefire talks advance?

Israel has a history of deploying this tactic to apply pressure on its opponents and act with impunity, experts say.

Police fire tear gas as Bangladesh protests against job quotas rage

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina vows to punish those responsible for the deaths of six people at protests.

Haitian women and girls face ‘alarming’ violence in displacement camps: UN

Lack of infrastructure in Haiti's makeshift camps puts women and girls at risk of gender-based violence, UN report says.

Divisive politics has brought nothing good to Slovakia or the US

An escalation of political violence should be a wake-up call for ruling elites, not a pretext for power grabs

From Bonmati to Marta: Five top footballers to watch at Paris Olympics 2024

With women's football one of the most hotly contested sports at Paris 2024, Al Jazeera runs through five names to watch.

Is RFK Jr truly independent?

A leaked video of a call with Donald Trump has reopened a debate on where the Kennedy scion stands ahead of US election.

Three Lionesses: Women’s rugby in Senegal

Three generations of female rugby players advocate for the sport for women in Dakar.

Outrage over Argentina’s racist song during Copa America celebrations

France’s football association says it will file a legal complaint over a racist song by Argentina’s players.

Remembering the ‘smiling face’ of a veteran Gaza university security guard

Talal Al-Dabash was killed by an Israeli bomb as he prayed. Students remember a 'humble' man with a love for learning.

Trump shooting: US gov’t watchdog probing Secret Service security plan

Homeland Security inspector general probe comes as questions over security swirl after Trump assassination attempt.

Trump, elections and the politics of spectacle

America's mercantile politics relies on entertainment and money. And no one has mastered it better than Trump.

Hezbollah threatens to fire on new Israeli targets

Warning increases concern low-level conflict across the Israel-Lebanon border could escalate into full-scale war.

Russia denies offensive in Ukraine’s Kharkiv failing as areas locked down

The governor of Russia's Belgorod region said several areas would be closed to most civilians.

Is a serial killer behind Kenya’s dismembered bodies?

While police claim a suspect confessed to killing 42 women, a watchdog investigates possible police links to the bodies.

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New York Times

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How the Israeli Hostage Rescue Led to One of Gaza’s Deadliest Days

A firefight amid a recovery mission. At least 19 Israeli airstrikes. Scores of Palestinians killed. A Times visual analysis shows how the June 8 operation had such a high toll.

Israeli Strikes Kill Over 20 and Hit Another U.N. Building in Gaza

The Israeli military said it was targeting militants operating in a U.N. school being used as a shelter in Nuseirat. A second strike caused fatalities in Al-Mawasi, the Gazan Health Ministry said.

Heat Wave in Ukraine Further Strains Its Electricity Grid

To prevent a collapse of the electricity system, crippled by months of Russian attacks, the authorities have imposed rolling blackouts. Experts say it’s a harbinger of what’s to come this winter.

King’s Speech Promises a Changed U.K.

From plans to tackle climate change to ending the role of hereditary legislators, the ceremonial King’s Speech showcased the progressive priorities of Britain’s Labour government.

How France Blocked the Far Right

The French had a far-right government before, one that collaborated with the Nazis. When casting ballots even today, that is not an easy thing to forget.

Russian Orthodox Church Wages a ‘Holy War’ Against Satanism, and the West

A battle has erupted in Moldova over its links to the Russian Orthodox Church, seen by many as a tool of Moscow’s influence abroad.

Pentagon Warns ISIS Attacks Could Double This Year

Attacks claimed by ISIS in Iraq and Syria are on track to double last year’s total, the U.S. military said in a report, as the terrorist group’s affiliates become increasingly deadly elsewhere around the world.

Plan to Rename Milan Airport After Silvio Berlusconi Sparks Protests

The decision to name Italy’s second-largest passenger hub after the divisive media mogul and politician, who died in 2023, has prompted outrage and protests.

Wall St. Journal Reporter Says She Was Fired Over Hong Kong Union Role

The journalist accused her former employer of failing to stand up for press freedom, a claim that the newspaper rejected.

Traces of Cyanide Found in Bangkok Hotel Room Where Six Died

A case that shocked Thailand, the police indicated on Wednesday, was one of murder-suicide.

Trump Says Taiwan Should Pay for U.S. Defense

Trump also accused Taiwan of sinking the U.S. semiconductor sector, signaling he wants a more transactional approach to shielding the island from China.

A Guide to the King’s Speech: Crown Jewels, Black Rod and a Mace

When King Charles unveils the U.K. government’s agenda in Parliament, he is surrounded by rituals that nod to hundreds of years of history.

Hiker’s Death Prompts Move to Allow Wider Bear Cull in Romania

But some experts described the planned cull as excessive and said it would not keep people safe.

Paris Mayor Swims in Beautified Seine Ahead of Olympic Games

Anne Hidalgo swam in the cleaned-up waters of the capital’s river, fulfilling a promise that has become a symbol of the Olympic Games that start this month.

Thursday Briefing: J.D. Vance Takes the Stage

Plus, Israel estimates the toll on Hamas.

Britain Approves Lab-Grown Meat for Pet Food

British dogs and cats are set to become the first animals in Europe to chow down on meat cultivated from chicken cells.

Thunderstorms Flood Roads and Buildings in Toronto

Major roads and freeways were shut down in Canada’s largest city amid heavy rainfall and flash flooding.

Paris Mayor Swims in the Seine to Show It Is Clean Before the Olympics

Mayor Anne Hidalgo took a plunge in the Seine in an effort to show the river was clean enough to host several swimming events during the Paris Olympics.

E.U. Court Rebukes European Commission Over Covid Vaccine Contracts

The court ruled that the European Commission wrongly withheld information, casting a shadow on its leader, Ursula von der Leyen, before a crucial vote on her future.

In a Porridge Box, an Ancient Treasure Mysteriously Arrives in Dublin

The National Museum of Ireland received two copper Bronze Age ax heads in the mail. Now it needs to figure out who found them.

Moving in Childhood Contributes to Depression, Study Finds

A study of more than a million Danes found that frequent moves in childhood had a bigger effect than poverty on adult mental health risk.

Charles Opens Britain’s Parliament With ‘King’s Speech’

King Charles III formally opened the country’s Parliament and read the agenda for the newly elected Labour government.

Judge Orders Boss Who Coughed at Employee During Pandemic to Pay Damages

The ruling by a tribunal judge in Britain highlighted the challenges and missteps businesses encountered during the early days of the pandemic.

Israel’s Military Says It Eliminated Half the Leadership of Hamas Military Wing

The military said that it had killed or captured around 14,000 combatants in Gaza since the war’s start but left considerable ambiguity about the figure.

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Indian officials visit Foxconn iPhone plant, question executives about hiring 

Reuters exclusively reported that Indian labour officials visited a Foxconn factory in the country’s south this week and questioned executives […]

The post Indian officials visit Foxconn iPhone plant, question executives about hiring  appeared first on Reuters News Agency.

Turkish central bank chief ‘extremely determined’ to curb inflation 

Reuters published an exclusive interview with Turkish Central Bank Governor Fatih Karahan – his first with the media since becoming […]

The post Turkish central bank chief ‘extremely determined’ to curb inflation  appeared first on Reuters News Agency.

Bosch weighs offer for appliance maker Whirlpool

Reuters exclusively reported that German engineering group Robert Bosch is weighing a bid for U.S. appliances manufacturer Whirlpool, a move […]

The post Bosch weighs offer for appliance maker Whirlpool appeared first on Reuters News Agency.

Ghana reaches deal in principle with bondholders on $13 bln debt 

Reuters was first to report that Ghana had reached an agreement in principle with its bondholders to restructure $13 billion […]

The post Ghana reaches deal in principle with bondholders on $13 bln debt  appeared first on Reuters News Agency.

India regulator plans tweaks to address derivative trading risks

Reuters exclusively reported that India’s markets regulator is considering a series of tweaks to its derivative trading rules as it […]

The post India regulator plans tweaks to address derivative trading risks appeared first on Reuters News Agency.

Ivory Coast cocoa regulator targets intermediary buyers in sector reform

Reuters exclusively reported that Ivory Coast’s cocoa regulator plans to implement a reform of the domestic cocoa marketing system that […]

The post Ivory Coast cocoa regulator targets intermediary buyers in sector reform appeared first on Reuters News Agency.

Vanguard vote switch helped pass Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s $56 billion pay package 

Reuters exclusively reported that Tesla’s largest outside investor Vanguard said it voted in favor of CEO Elon Musk’s $56 billion […]

The post Vanguard vote switch helped pass Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s $56 billion pay package  appeared first on Reuters News Agency.

Goldman Sachs aims to double lending to wealthy private bank clients

Reuters exclusively reported that Goldman Sachs aims to double its lending over the next five years to ultra-wealthy private bank […]

The post Goldman Sachs aims to double lending to wealthy private bank clients appeared first on Reuters News Agency.

Saudi wealth fund holding talks to create boxing league 

Reuters exclusively reported that Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) is in discussions with multiple boxing stakeholders to create a […]

The post Saudi wealth fund holding talks to create boxing league  appeared first on Reuters News Agency.

Ghana to delay more cocoa deliveries as supply crisis worsens

Reuters exclusively reported that Ghana, the world’s second largest cocoa producer, is looking to delay delivery of up to 350,000 […]

The post Ghana to delay more cocoa deliveries as supply crisis worsens appeared first on Reuters News Agency.

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Another Israeli attack hits a UN school in Gaza that was sheltering families

Israeli airstrikes have hit several UNRWA schools where people are sheltering, The Gaza Health Ministry says at least 23 people, many of them women and children, were killed and more than 70 wounded.

Youth in Kenya Take to the Streets

In Kenya, protests that began in response to tax increases have grown into a movement demanding the president's resignation. Scores of protestors have gone missing since the anti-government protests began a month ago. Human rights groups fear that the security forces are behind these disappearances. We hear from young protestors.

Paris mayor swims in the Seine to demonstrate its safety ahead of the Olympics

After Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo took a dip in the river, she said the Olympics were "a kind of magnet that attracted all our energies towards a single date, July 26, and we did it.”

Head of Hong Kong's top journalist group says she lost 'WSJ' job due to her role

Reporter Selina Cheng says she lost her Wall Street Journal job after refusing her supervisor's request to withdraw from the election to lead the journalism group, which advocates for press freedom.

'Hellishly hot' southern Europe bakes under temperatures topping 104 F

Temperatures were in the triple-digits in much of the area on Tuesday and authorities warn that they could top 110 degrees F in southern Spain in the coming days.

A Hezbollah spokesman tells NPR it will stop firing if fighting in Gaza ends

The war in Gaza is more than nine months old. Fears are growing that ongoing cross-border strikes between Israel and Iran-backed Hezbollah could escalate into all-out war in the north as well.

Kenyan protesters are missing following tax hike demonstrations, rights group says

In Kenya, nearly 60 people have gone missing since the anti-government protests began over a month ago. Human rights groups fear that the security forces are behind these disappearances.

Cyanide traces found in the blood of 6 Americans and Vietnamese who died in Bangkok

Police say one killed the rest but did not say which of the six was the suspect. A husband and wife among the dead had invested with two of the others, suggesting that money could be a motive.

Hong Kong businesses are under threat for association with pro-democracy protests

In Hong Kong, long after the protest movement that kicked off five years ago fizzled out, a quiet tussle is playing out over the fate of businesses that once supported the ideals of the demonstrators.

A Gaza Detainee Speaks

Ever since the Hamas attacks on Israel on October 7th, Israel had detained thousands of Palestinians from Gaza. We hear the story of one radiologist who says he endured beatings and mistreatment during seven months in Israeli detention.

For more coverage of all sides of this conflict, go to npr.org/mideastupdates

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The Cipher Brief

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Russian Propaganda Blames Biden and Ukrainians For Trump Shooting

SUBSCRIBER+ EXCLUSIVE REPORTING — On a Russian TV program recently, Dmitry Novikov, a Russian lawmaker, said that political chaos and divisions in the U.S. were [...] More

The post Russian Propaganda Blames Biden and Ukrainians For Trump Shooting appeared first on The Cipher Brief.

DEEP DIVE: In Wake Of Trump Attack, How To Stop the Violence?

SUBSCRIBER+EXCLUSIVE REPORTING — Almost from the moment the shots were fired in Butler, Pennsylvania Saturday, terrorism experts and ordinary Americans shared a common fear: that [...] More

The post DEEP DIVE: In Wake Of Trump Attack, How To Stop the Violence? appeared first on The Cipher Brief.

After Trump Shooting, A Dangerous Flood of Disinformation

SUBSCRIBER+ EXCLUSIVE REPORTING — Anyone doubting the power and danger of false narratives in 2024 America need only have spent a few minutes scrolling on [...] More

The post After Trump Shooting, A Dangerous Flood of Disinformation appeared first on The Cipher Brief.

Assassination Attempt on Trump Could Fuel FBI’s Biggest Fear: Terrorism

EXPERT Q&A – As the FBI investigates the reasons why 20-year-old suspect Thomas Matthew Crooks may have targeted former president Donald Trump at a campaign [...] More

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EXPERT ANALYSIS: After the Summit, a NATO Worth Celebrating – or Too Weak For the Moment?

BOTTOM LINE UP FRONT – NATO’s summit in Washington proved much more than a 75th-anniversary celebration; it was chock-full of news, some behind-the-scenes controversy and [...] More

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DEEP DIVE: Behind the Scenes, Plans to “Trump-Proof” NATO

SUBSCRIBER+ EXCLUSIVE REPORTING — Donald Trump may not have been on the NATO summit agenda, but he was clearly on the minds of NATO leaders [...] More

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As NATO Marks A Milestone, Critics Blast Slow Pace of Ukraine Aid

SUBSCRIBER+ EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW — As leaders of NATO gathered this week to mark its 75th anniversary and chart a course for the future, the alliance itself [...] More

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Former NATO Secretary General: For Europeans, “Holiday From History Is Over”

SUBSCRIBER+ EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW — At this week’s 75th-anniversary summit of NATO in Washington, the alliance faces tests of unity – particularly in its posture towards [...] More

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EXPERT INTERVIEW: Pezeshkian Celebrates a Win in Iran but What Can He Really Do?

SUBSCRIBER+EXCLUSIVE EXPERT INTERVIEW — Iran’s incoming president Masoud Pezeshkian is promising to be a leader for “all Iranians” after a weekend election victory that followed [...] More

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EXPERT ANALYSIS: NATO Summit Must Bring Pledges for Ukraine, Warnings For Putin

BOTTOM LINE UP FRONT — This week’s NATO summit in Washington is both a 75th anniversary celebration and a moment of truth for the alliance [...] More

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WEEKEND INTERVIEW: Russia’s War – and Russian Espionage – Are Causing Havoc in Europe

SUBSCRIBER+ EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW — Since Russia began its full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022, Russian espionage and disinformation campaigns have caused havoc across Europe. Russian [...] More

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Former Israeli Major General Warns of Perils of Hezbollah War

SUBSCRIBER+ EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW — Calls for war on Hezbollah, the Iranian proxy army that controls southern Lebanon, come almost daily from Israel’s right wing, as [...] More

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Vietnam’s Economic Prowess is Drawing the Attention of World Military Powers

SUBSCRIBER+ EXCLUSIVE REPORTING — It’s a manufacturing juggernaut, a growing actor in global supply chains, and a critical player in the geopolitics of Southeast Asia. [...] More

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On U.S.-China Worry List: Chips, Ships, and Drones

SUBSCRIBER+ EXCLUSIVE REPORTING — Even by the standards of recent Congressional warnings about China, the recent session of the House Committee on the Chinese Communist [...] More

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EXPERT ANALYSIS: Escalating Tensions Between China and the Philippines Could Draw the U.S. Into Conflict

BOTTOM LINE UP FRONT — Long-simmering tensions in the South China Sea and a recent spate of close calls and violent run-ins involving China and [...] More

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WEEKEND INTERVIEW: Former U.S. Commander Sees Momentum Shift in Ukraine

SUBSCRIBER+ EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – Like many long-running conflicts, the war in Ukraine has seen its share of shifts in momentum. The February 2022 Russian assault [...] More

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Iran’s Election – and the Threats Facing the Next U.S. President

SUBSCRIBER+ EXCLUSIVE EXPERT INTERVIEW — Hours after U.S. President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump hold their first debate, Iran will choose its next [...] More

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The Debate: What Cipher Brief Experts Want To Hear from Biden and Trump

SUBSCRIBER+ EXCLUSIVE — As the first 2024 US presidential debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump approaches (a debate that may prove [...] More

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